When and why did you choose to become a Digital Nomad?

In 2008, I discovered travelling for me and felt for the first time in my life very fulfilled being out on the road meeting great people and discover breathtaking spots around the world. I found myself.

I realized straight away that I cannot travel and work a full time job.

I was self employed before I started to travel and realized that every time I have left the country for a few weeks holiday, it seemed I had to work so much harder after my holiday to catch up on work. So it was just a logical thing to start an online based company and enjoy the world.

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Where are you from, and where have you been?

I am from Germany, but my base is in Australia, Gold Coast. I have been travelling around Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam), Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic, England, Wales, France, Croatia), Egypt, NYC, Seychelles, Fiji, Russia and Australia.

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How do you manage to sustain your travelling lifestyle?

I have a mix in my professional career which help me to live a digital nomads and travel lifestyle. I am a performer (fire artist, dancer and stilt walker) and marketing specialist.

So before I started my blog, I started an online based marketing solution company in 2013 which supports my blog.

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What does a typical day in your life look like?

I have a strict routine for at least 4 days per week which is:
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  • 6am-8am: waking up breakfast, morning exercises, reading articles
  • 8am-12pm: working for my marketing company
  • 12pm-1pm: lunch time – go for a walk, talk to other people and relax
  • 1pm-4pm: working on the blog, social media work etc.


I try not to travel during these days and not to have any major events I want to go to in the evening. Staying focused and having a routine is possible when you travel, and it’s very important, if you want to get work done.

I usually go for a wander in the evening, in my free time and check out nice coffee places to work and their internet, so that it does not take any time away from my efficient work day.

It is always good to research online about the internet in the location you want to travel to and take advises from other travelers who are already there or been there. That safes you time, when you have to work.

If I travel, I stay at least 2 weeks at one spot, if I have lots of work to do. In the quite times, I do roadtrips and trips where I move continuously or every 3-4 days.


Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Nomads?

I wish I would have understood earlier, that I do not need much equipment to travel and work. During a few earlier trips, I had way too much equipment and it ended up breaking, as it was just too heavy. So just take as less as possible.

Further, before you start travelling, be prepared, have some saved money or an ongoing income, otherwise your first trip might get cut shorter than you were planning. Unexpected expenses is a common thing. Be prepared and organised.[/fusion_text]