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Digital Nomad: One who derives income remotely and online, rather than from commuting to an office. This enables the digital nomad to not need a permanent home base, and she/he can travel anywhere at any time

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Creating an Income as a Digital Nomad

Freelance Travel Writer

This is a tough gig, with everyone wanting to do it. But once your foot is in the door, the best paying websites will pay 50c+ per word you type.

Travel Blogger

Instead of writing for a large publication, you can write for yourself and publish on your own website. After 6 to 12 months of hard work your site will begin to make an income.

Affiliate Marketing

It doesn’t have the best reputation, but those who are good at affiliate marketing make great money.

Technical Writer

If you are technically inclined, many companies will pay good money to have you write their technical documents and guides.

Digital Products

Producing and selling your own digital product such as a book or course can be highly profitable. You can even outsource the creation of your product to other digital nomads.

Membership Websites

Creating a website that charges a small monthly fee can take a few months, but once its setup with great content, your members pay you every month.

Graphic Design

You obviously have to have design skills to be a digital nomad graphic designer, but once your have this under your belt, you can work anywhere, and get clients from anywhere in the world.

Web Design

A laptop, a WiFi connection, and knowledge of how to put together a website is one of the most common ways people are becoming digital nomads.


If you speak two languages, you can pick up clients and create an income anywhere in the world. The hardest part is learning an extra language!

Virtual Assistant

This role is typically low paying, but if you are travelling to SE Asia or any other country with a low cost of living, you will be fine.


These days anyone can sell photos on photography marketplaces. To get started all you need is a quality camera, and time to snap the photos.

Social Media Manager

Many companies don’t have a clue how to run their social media and are paying $200 to $5000 a month for others to run it for them. Get a few of these companies as customers and you will be living like a king!

SEO Specialist

Companies pay big bucks if you can rank their sites well in Google. All the training you need to become an SEO specialist is available online.

Digital Marketing Expert

Learn about search marketing, social marketing, and content marketing, and you could be soon running your own digital agency.

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