Digital nomad resources

Every group of people has theirĀ tools of the trade. Here is the Digital Nomads must-have tools.

Last updated 15th March 2015.


digital nomad accomodation
Airbnb is great for short term accomodation and great for the initial ‘foot in the door’ when you arrive in a country. Use it to meet your host, and if you are in a shared flat its a great way to get involved in the community and meet more people.


Agoda claims over 600,000+ accomodations in nearly every corner of the world. Their website is available to most languages, and comes with very helpful apps on both iOS and Android so you can make bookings on the go (or while waiting for your flight to leave!)


digital nomad hostel accommodation
Hostel World boasts over 30,000 properties in 180 countries. Chances are, if you are looking for a hostel to stayin, Hostel World will have one that fits your criteria.



Hipmonk is one of the lesser known flight search engines on my list. Searching for flights only takes a few minutes, so its just an extra place you could try to save a few dollars.


cheap digital nomad airfares
Matrix Airfare Search is a simple but powerful website. You can search for flights to any destination, and the ‘cost per mile’ filter really reveals if you are getting good bang for your buck. Matrix isn’t a well know website but its definitely one worth trying.


flights for digital nomads
Skyscanner was recommended by a reader and after some research reviews show it to be a very useful website! You can search for the lowest prices over a whole month…or even a whole year. Great for making mid to long term travel plans and locking in deals nice and early.


Kayak is the most known flight search engine in my list. When making a big purchase such as flights it pays to shop around, so although Kayak is a mainstream site, it is worth taking 10 minutes to see if Kayak has cheaper flights than any of the other resources I list.


Momondo is a free, and independent, flight search engine. They search airlines, travel sites, and low-cost sites to find you the best deals they can.


Website Hosting

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in the digital nomad community. Their hosting is SIMPLE to setup and very cheap. Bluehost one one click installion tools for all the leading applications you will need – in particular WordPress. Setting up a blog or website via Bluehost is literally a 15 minute job.


Web Tools

Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics tool available, and it is free. Google Analytics is very easy to setup (it just requires some code on your website, which there are many free WordPress plugins to handle this job for you). Analytics are a must if you are serious about growing your website.


Google Adsense is what is used by most small/medium website owners to make money from advertising revenue on their websites. Simply put, you sign up for Adsense, choose your ad sizes, and place the code on your website where you want adverts to appear. Every time an ad is clicked by your visitors, you get paid.


Google Adwords is what is used to place adverts within the Google search results. Its used to promote your website, and you simply pay everytime your advert is clicked. Google Adwords can get expensive, so also look into Facebook advertising which is cheaper at the time of writing.


Aweber provides newsletter and mailing list management tools for online marketers. If you have a website or blog, you NEED to be collecting email addresses. If you are not, put it on todays to-do list. Aweber allows you to build a mailing list and drip-feed newsletters to your new subscribers after pre-set periods of time.


Everyone knows who Paypal are, but they are worth mentioning here. If you are selling anything online Paypal will be one of your first options to take the payments. You don’t need a Paypal account to make payments via Paypal – just a credit card. Paypal integrates into most systems so if you are selling physical goods, digital goods, or run a membership Paypal is a good option for you.



Elance is where many Digital Nomads put their hand up for the hundreds of jobs that are posted every day. The vast majority of jobs on Elance are for remote workers so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Elance should have dozens of jobs that suit you. Write personal proposals to each job you are interested and you will stand out above all the copy/paste applications recruiters get.